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Ehatare: Retirement Home Services

General Information For New Residents Of
Ehatrare Retirement Home And Their Families

Welcome to ehatare retirement home.

The following information is to help you get to know Ehatare. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the front desk, or at the Executive Director's office.

Any electrical items brought into Ehatare must bear the "CSA Approved" sticker. Appliances must also be equipped with automatic shut-off.

There is a storage room in the basement where you can store a few items. The hours are posted on the door.

Mealtimes In The Dining Room

  • 8:00 AM: Breakfast
  • 12:00 AM: Lunch
  • 5:00 PM: Dinner

At 2:30 in the afternoon, coffee is available in the basement sitting area.

At around 8:00 p.m. a snack cart goes to the rooms with light refreshments.

Paying The Rent

The rent bills are put in resident mailboxes near the end of each month. These may be paid at the front desk.

The tuck shop is located in the basement and is open from 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon on Saturdays. Postage stamps, toiletries and small personal necessities are available.

The library is located in the basement and is open on Thursdays from 10:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon and 1:00 ~ 2:30 p.m.

An announcement board is located on the main floor beside the mailboxes. Activity schedule is written on the board each day, along with any special announcements.

Trips to the mall: are every second Wednesday after lunch at 1:30 p.m.

Ladies hairdresser is located in the basement. The hairdresser is here every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Appointments should be booked in advance directly through her.

Men's barber is in the hairdresser's salon every second Wednesday morning. Appointments are not needed.

The Estonian Bank comes to Ehatare at the end of every month. Exact dates are on the board.

Church services and bible study take place in the basement in the church. Dates and times are posted on the board.


Ladies: Wednesday all day and Thursday morning.

Men: Thursday after lunch.

The Laundry room is located in the basement beside the saun. Washers and dryers are available for anyone wishing to do their own laundry.
Laundry can also be done by Ehatare staff for a fee. Please inquire.
Bedding and towels are from Ehatare and are changed weekly as follows:

  • 3rd Floor: Monday
  • 2nd Floor: Tuesday
  • 1st Floor: Thursday

Bingo is scheduled every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 1:45 p.m. in the 2nd floor sitting room.

Emergency call buttons are located in each room and in each bathroom for assistance. These ring in the nursing station.

5 Estonian speaking G.P.s in Toronto come to Ehatare on a regular schedule. There is a calendar of their days on the board beside the nursing station door.

If you are leaving Ehatare property for any length of time, please sign out at the front desk.

ADDITIONAL CARE SERVICES As resident's needs change, additional care services may apply. Assessments are completed by the Director of Care and the Executive Director. If you require additional care services, these can be provided by our trained staff at an additional charge, on a fee for service basis. Additional services available are:

  • Daily bed making and room tidying
  • Oxygen therapy (supplies excluded)
  • Treatments as per protocol (supplies excluded)
  • Extra care with activities of daily living
  • Assistance with bathing
  • Laundering of personal clothing
  • Post hospital care

These additional services are tailored to individual needs. For more information or to arrange for these services, please contact the Executive Director, Ruth Kng-McFarlane at 416-284-0828 or .

SMOKING is prohibited in Ehatare and within 9 meters of any entrance. There is an outdoor smoking shelter for residents in front of the building.

WEAPONS of any nature are not permitted on Ehatare Property.

REMINDER: When you are sending out your "Change of Address" notifications, please remember to inform the Ministry of Health with regard to your Ontario Health Card.

Please keep in mind that our staff are paid, and therefore are not to accept any gifts or money from residents or their families

Each resident has 2 keys; 1 to their room and 1 for their mailbox. There is a $5.00 / key replacement charge.

Ehatare's mailing address is:

40 Old Kingston Road
Scarborough, Ontario
M1E 3J5

Telephone: 416-284-082    Fax: 416-284-5595

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact the following individuals:

Ruth Kng-McFarlane   Executive Director
Tiina Kumpunen   Director of Care
Meta Baze   Food Service Supervisor
Janne Laanemaa   Acting Activity Director
Mohini Kandhai   Administrative Assistant / Accounting
Tiiu Agur   Executive Secretary
Judith Christoforou   Maintenance Supervisor
Download the application form:


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