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Ehatare: Nursing Care & Services

Residents Council

The residents council meets every 3 months to discuss any concerns and to make suggestions. Family members and all residents are encouraged to attend. Meeting dates are posted on the residents bulletin board one week prior to the meeting. Concerns and suggestions are documented, investigated, and responded to in writing by the administrator of Ehatare within 21 days. Both minutes and responses are posted.

6 Week and Annual Multidisciplinary Care Conferences

You and your representative are encouraged to participate in the assessment, planning and evaluation of your care by attending the 6 week post admission conference and the annual conference. You may request a conference at any other time as well. All Department Heads attend these conferences, including the Medical Director.

Access to Plan of Care

Residents may have access to their plan of care. Please speak to the Director of Care who will assist you to read and understand the record. With your (the resident) consent, your representative may have access to your plan of care. For those residents who are unable to give consent, the person who is lawfully authorized to make decisions regarding personal care, may have access to your plan of care.

Advocacy/Support Agencies

If you need information regarding available advocacy/support agencies which can assist you in promoting your rights, please contact the Director of Care or the Administrator.

Bill Of Rights

A Bill of Rights outlines your rights as a resident of Ehatare.

Admission Agreement

You or your lawfully authorized substitute will be asked to sign an admission agreement which delineates the accommodation, care, services and goods that will be provided to the you, the resident, as well as your obligations with respect to your responsibilities and payment for service.

Prior to admission or on admission, you will be informed of the contents of the admission agreement and the meaning of each section. When all parties have signed, you will be provided with a copy of the agreement. You or your lawfully authorized substitute will be given an opportunity to review the admission agreement annually or whenever you request a review.

Attending Physician

Our Medical Director also acts as the attending physician. You may retain an attending physician of your own choice who must meet Ehatares standards and criteria for attending physicians.

Meal Service

As part of the Dietary Department of Ehatare Nursing Home, we cater to the cultural dietary needs of our residents. Choices are available on the menu, with variety available to meet your nutritional care needs. Weekly menus are posted on the bulletin board.

Mealtimes are:

  • 8:30 AM: Breakfast
  • 10:30 AM: A.M. Snack
  • 12:30 AM: Lunch
  • 2:30 PM: P.M. Snack
  • 5:30 PM: Dinner
  • 7:30 PM: Evening snack

Available Diets:

  • Regular
  • Regular, Cut Up Meat
  • Regular, Minced
  • Regular, Pureed
  • Modified Lactose Reduced
  • Modified Diabetic Diet
  • Modified Reducing Diet
  • Supplements

The goal of the Dietary Department is to identify individual dietary needs, and to provide diets as indicated in the plans of care.

Social, Recreational, and Physical Activities

Ehatare employs an Activity Director who with your help assesses your needs and preferences on an on-going basis. Every attempt will be made to provide social, recreational and physical activity in accordance with your wishes and abilities.

Pastoral Services

Pastoral care of denomination of choice is available.


Ehatare will label and launder all your personal laundry. Valet service may be contracted (as outlined in the admission agreement). Bedding, towels and washcloths are laundered by Ehatare.


The following furniture is provided in your room:

  • Adjustable bed
  • Small bedside table
  • Chair
  • Dresser

If space and safety permit, you may bring some furnishings and wall decorations from home. Please discuss this with the charge nurse.

Electrical Appliances

Only CSA approved appliances are permitted.

Available Services Covered by OHIP

  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Podiatry
  • X-ray
  • Psychogeriatric Consultations
  • Social Work - On referral
  • Occupational Therapy - On referral
  • Physiotherapy - On referral
  • Ophthalmology/Optics

Eye examinations are covered by OHIP. If glasses are recommended, you will be advised of the cost.

Dental Services

Scarborough Department of Public Health provides a free denture cleaning service once a year. We have contracted a dental service (dentist, denturist) which will assess your needs, as required. If dental work is recommended, the dental service will contact you directly to discuss any associated costs to you, if you agree to receive their service.

Financial Information

For information on financial help available to seniors and those with disabilities, please refer to the enclosed Ministry of Health information package titled Financial Management and Information. If your income is limited, and you cannot pay the basic accommodation costs, you may apply for a reduction in basic accommodation fees. The administrator will assist you with the forms required. In order to apply for a reduction in basic accommodation fees, you must provide the previous years tax assessment from Revenue Canada. It is, therefore, important that you file a tax return each year. Please note that no rate reduction is available to those in private or semiprivate accommodation.

Fire and Disaster Procedures

The staff are trained in fire and disaster procedures. Staff fire drills are conducted once a month.

If you hear the fire alarms:

  • Do not panic.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Listen for instructions over the Public Address system and please follow instructions from staff.

Visiting Hours

Ehatare has open visiting hours. We ask, however, that visitors be considerate of the needs of the other residents, and of the care needs of those you are visiting.

Notification of Next-of-Kin/Representative

Your next-of-kin/representative will be notified of any injuries or changes in your status as soon as possible.

Orientation To The Facility

On admission to Ehatare, you will be introduced to your physical environment, including the location of fire exits and the nurse call system.

Please note that Ehatare Nursing Home is a non-smoking facility. All smoking within the facility of within 9 meters of any entrance/exit is strictly prohibited.

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